Pants on Fire


I never saw the elephant. I served in between gulf wars, two deployments to the Persian Gulf, four consecutive years arduous sea duty aboard the finest frigate in the Navy. Having been a sailor, sailors lie, so when I recount my sea stories, they usually seem a little more exciting, a little more colorful than they actually were. I enhanced, I exaggerated, I embellished, I probably lied, but I never told anyone I saw the elephant, because even lying, cursing, drunken sailors have rules.

Black Lives Matter


In the early afternoon hours of August 9th, 2014, in Ferguson Missouri, Officer Darren Wilson observed two black males, Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson, walking down the middle of the street. According to Johnson's testimony, Wilson told the two to "get the fuck on the sidewalk" and Johnson replied that they were almost to their destination. Wilson backed his vehicle up and tried to open his door, but Brown shut it, preventing him from getting out. Wilson then reached out and grabbed Brown by the neck, the two struggled and a shot was fired.

Poor Poor Pitifull Ray


In the early morning hours of February 15 at Revel Atlantic City, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was arrested in Atlantic City after an incident with his then-fiancée, Janay Palmer.  According to police there were no injuries to either party. The responding officers reported that surveillance video shows both parties were involved in a physical altercation and that Rice and Palmer struck each other with their hands. Subsequently, a simple assault complaint was signed against each party.

Stop with the inboxing!


This morning, I received a poorly formatted email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, similar too the text below. (I say similar, because it was so poorly formatted that I, as a programmer, could not justify posting such rubbish on my blog)

5OO,OOO Signatures Needed (click to add your name automatically)

282,718 people and counting have signed the petition demanding Boehner take impeaching President Obama off the table. Boehner is leaving his option to impeach the President open — and the Tea Party is demanding he follow through. That’s why we need you to step up immediately to help us reach 5OO,OOO demanding impeachment is taken off the table — NOW.

Why Can't They Let Go?


Why is it, that from the ultra right, we keep hearing the same overworked, dis-proven, disreputable talking points over and over and over again?

Why can't they let go of Benghazi?
In the waning hours of September 11, 2012, in the aftermath of the tragic embassy attack in Benghazi, Mit Romney, held a brief press conference announcing the tragedy and blaming the President, almost smiling in the process.