Let me begin with a declaration: I have for years been a faithful fan of Chick-fil-A.  They make a great chicken sandwich, the staff is friendly, and they always say “My Pleasure”.  That having been said, I am at the very least, disappointed  in the recent statements made by the company's Chief Operating Officer.

Right Wing Talking Points


Right Wing Talking Points are not designed to be factual or informative. They are solely designed to be easily articulable. The people who develop these points believe first and foremost not only that they are demonstrably smarter than the rest of us, but that the rest of us are stupid.

Why This Blog?


Political discourse in America has been reduced to the extremes; there are no longer any voices in the center.  On the far right, Hannity, O'Reilly and Limbaugh attempt to muster the mindless masses with tales of hatred, paranoia and fear of The Other.  On the far left, Maddow, Hartmann and Schultz spew forth seemingly unending sesquipedalian narratives as to why Obama is too weak on this and Obama caved on that or Obama hasn't done enough to change the other thing. 

The problem however, is that most of us are not on the extremes.

It only takes one (1) idiot!


A few weeks back, I was in church and the minister asked a new member to tell the congregation something about herself. The lady began by saying she was from Uganda and quite frankly, I couldn't tell you anything else she said. You see, the thing was, when she said Uganda, one and only one thing flashed in my mind, IDI AMIN. I'm sure there are lots of wonderful things one could say about Uganda, and I'm sure there are plenty of Ugandans who have made significant contributions to society as a whole, but the fact is, it been almost 30 years since Dada's fall from grace, and yet the only image that flashes in my mind, whenever any one says Uganda, is Idi Amin. My point therefore, is It only takes one (1) idiot!.