Again with Repeal and Replace?

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Let’s imagine for a moment, that just as the pundits on both sides of the aisle imply, the President can make, introduce and pass any law he desires, without any input or approval from congress and without the will of the people.  Since we’re already pretending, let’s also pretend that the American People did not want any change to the healthcare system, everyone was against it, and yet President Obama, on his own, enacted Obama Care with the express intent on bankrupting America.

Fortunately, however, that’s not how it happened.  In actuality, congress spent an entire year debating what would and what would not be included in the act, and at the conclusion, on March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act.

The GOP, having taken control of congress in 2010, made no fewer than 30 attempts to repeal the healthcare act, to no avail.  The centerpiece of the Mitt Romney presidential campaign was to repeal Obama care, and, in case you forgot, he lost.  Why then, would Paul Ryan, in his current budget blueprint, call for the repeal of Obama care?  As Fox News Anchor, Chris Wallace told him “that’s not going to happen.”  Ryan insists that Obama Care needs to be repealed, simply because he says it won’t work.  Well Mr. Ryan, the matter has already been decided and you are not the decider. 

So what does this all mean?  Unfortunately, it’s the GOP’s edification, that no matter what the cost to America, they plan to do nothing in the 113th Congress, other than stomp their feet and hold their breath.  You see, they decided early in the 111th Congress that they were going to obstruct President Obama at every turn because doing so would prevent his reelection and deny him achieving a second term.  That strategy failed.  Give up on the obstruction and get to work. Leaders lead.  If you don’t know how to lead, step aside and let somebody else do it.