And That, My Friends, Is How You Sell Snake Oil

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Let's say somebody's lying, right? And, you know they lying. Can you shoot 'em?

Although the above quote is from the 1988 film Armed and Dangerous, it's pretty much my summation of Mitt Romney's performance in wednesday night's debate.   And yet a plurality of the political pundits claim Romeny won the debate.  The right wing pundits, I can understand; no matter what the outcome, they would have said exactly the same thing.  What I don't understand is the pathetic performance of virtually all those pundits on the left, seemingly claiming Romney as the winner.

For starters, Romney claims he would lower taxes by 20% acrros the board, not raise any revenue, and yet reduce the deficit.  Can't be done.  As Bill Clinton said, that's arithmetic.  He says he'll raise the additional revenue by eliminating deductions.  Does that mean, Mr. Romeny, that you will no longer be able to take a $77,000 credit for your dancing horse? And if you lower taxes, accross the board by 20%, does the 15% rate on capital gains then become a 5% refund?

And again with the death panels?  Are you now taking advise from Sarah Palin?  Romney cliamed that ‘it puts in place an unelected board that’s going to tell people ultimately what kind of treatments they can have.’  That's  not only an outright lie, its one of those lies that you have to play make pretend in order to belive.

After a very short period, it was obvious to anyone paying attention, that Mitt Romeny had no intention of telling the  truth about anything.  Not only did he plan to misrepresent the president's postion, but he wouldn't even admit to matters he's been publicly promoting as staples of his campaign.  According to Igor Volsky Romney Told 27 Myths In 38 Minutes.  Mitt Romeny didn't come to debate, he came to dissemble. Under those circumstances, why should President Obama have continued to challange Romeny on any matter, when it was obvious he didn't intend on responding in earnest.  Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.  The President simply decided to state his case as clearly as possible and let the hour pass.

What continues to baffle me however, is how anyone, in particular, those on the left, can claim Romney to have been the winner.  You don't reward or congradulate liars for doing what liars do.  The best thing you can say about Mitt Romney's performance is that he lied well and demonstrated that he is willing to say anything to get elected.  A man who does not say what he means, can not mean what he says.  Period.