Anne Romney knows best

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An Romney, in an interview with KWQC's David Nelson on Friday, September 7th, refused to answer any questions asked by the reporter, instead insisting repeatedly she would only talk about what was going to be important in this election, the economy and jobs.

Well in fact Anne, we the people will decide what is important in this election. Contrary to what you want us to believe, we are an intelligent, multifaceted and educated electorate and in fact, your husband has not specifically answered any of the question for which we need answers, starting with his taxes. You want us to elect him because he claims to be a brilliant business man. Are we just supposed to take his word for that? If his business acumen is what he claims to bring to the table, why won't he show the American people the same documentation he presented to the very government he wants to run. His father, George Romney, set the modern standard during his presidential run, presenting 12 years of taxes, stating that 2 years could merely be a fluke. But in actuality, Mitt hasn't even released two years, he released one year and an estimated return for another. If he wants to run the country for a minimum of 4 years, shouldn't he release at least 4 years of taxes? Furthermore, you people seem to be missing the point, you see, the American people elected the dumb guy in 2000. Those Americans who voted for George W. in 2000 are now feeling buyer's remorse and regretting not asking the pertinent questions of their candidate at the time, so they won't get fooled again.

If you don't want to answer the hard questions, stay away from the microphone; If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. And if you really want to answer questions about your husband, there is a burning question I'm sure women would like answered, but I'm sure you won't answer that question either.