Black Santa

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For the last 22 years, Interstate Worldwide Relocation Services, in association with the US Marine Corps' Toys for Tots program, has passed out toys in the Barry Farms housing projects in South East Washington DC.  Though the owners of Interstate Worldwide Relocation Service are white, the Santa Clause they choose to use for their Toy Drive is black, as were many of the department store Santa Clauses upon whose knees I sat during my formative years growing up in the greater Washington area, and until this year, nobody seemed to have a problem with that. 

This year however, Fox news host Megyn Kelly, in a typical Fox News racist rant declared that Santa just is white and so this year, as Santa was delivering toys to Barry Farms on Christmas Eve, he was shot in the back with a pellet gun.  Of course the right-wing pundits claim this can in no way be blamed on Megyn Kelly because she didn't call for a 2nd amendment solution to the Black Santa problem, but come on, 21 years Santa gives out toys in the same place on the same day, no problem, Megyn rants, Santa shot, follow the bouncing ball.

Why should we be surprised with Megyn Kelly's declaration? Why should we even give mention to Megyn Kelly, or anyone at Fox News for that matter? It's because the rest of the main stream media considers Kelly to be the legitimate journalist at Fox.  You see while Bill O'Reilly is a hostile and hopeless hate merchant, polluting the airways with bile and vitriol on a nightly basis, and Steve Doocy is simply a doofus, and Brain Killmead is a cum stain on the starched white collar of society, Megyn Kelly is supposed to be the smart one; Megyn Kelly has a law degree or, in short, Megyn Kelly should know better.  Perhaps this incident and the fall out therefrom will force the legitimate journalists to stop viewing Megyn Kelly as one of their own and consider her instead to be just another occupant in the clown car that is Fox News.

Meanwhile, life goes on.  Interstate has announced that they plan to continue the with toy drive next year, in the community where Arthur Morrissette founded the company and four generations of Morrisettes were raised, just as they have for the last three decades, and hopefully, next year, should Megyn Kelly flap her socially irresponsible lips about the skin color of any of the participants, all the world will just ignore her.