Campaign of division and anger and hate?

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So now Mitt Romney says "The president's campaign is all about division and attack and hatred ..." Really, Mitt? Do you think we aren't paying attention? Is this your version of "I am rubber, you are glue?"


You are the one who's running solely on hate. In fact, you've offered nothing else. Since June of 2011, as we suffered throug 19 agonizing Republican debates, and you finally emerged from the Republican clown car as the aparrent nominee, you have yet to clearly answered a single question. Your response to everything has been Obama doesn't understand this or Obama has failed at that, and more succinctly, your answer to each and every question, when parsed through the ultra-right-wing-dog-whistle-hate-speech-filter, translates into "In case you haven't noticed, He's Black"

Have you no decency Mr. Romney? Never mind, don't answer, that's obvious.  Of course you have to lie and disemble.  You have nothing else to offer.  Your only hope is to try to convice America that while we were sleeping, somebody let a Black guy in the White House.  Well, we've got news for you, It was us. We did it. We the people, elected Barack Obama, with the full knowledge that he's Black.  America's has grown up Mittens, so stop with the junior high, school yard bully rhetoric.  Either campaign, or get off the pot.  If you can do no better than this, just seccede now and let us get on with running the country.