Cat Scratch Fever on Concord Bridge

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Ted Nugent is at it again, expounding on his love for the second amendment, his hate for all things Obama and implies he's ready for armed revolution.

To any and all who think this clown is in any way right, entertaining, interesting or cute, you need to understand a few things:

  • Your leader, Ted Nugent, by his own account, literally shit himself to avoid service in Vietnam.
  • If armed conflict is what Nugent wants, Vietnam was exactly the time for that, but once again, he got two student deferments and then shit his pants to avoid honorable military service.
  • What Nugent is calling for, though he terms it a revolution, thereby romanticizing it to like minded individuals, is in fact civil war, and civil wars pit neighbors against neighbors, fathers against sons, brother against sisters and mothers against daughters.  Our last such war in this country, though well over 150 years ago, cost 1,100,000 casualties and over 600,000 lives, all Americans, all fathers, sons, brothers and sisters. Realize further that with present day munitions and artillery, any America left after a modern civil war will be barely recognizable; there will be no victor and hence no spoils.
  • Finally, realize that your percieved second amendment rights do not trump everyone else's right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. 

Nobody wants to take your toys away, but we are going to insist you learn to play well with others.