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Congratulations, President Obama. You ran an amazing campaign refusing to change your style to suit either the hate merchants on the far right or the whiners on the far left.

Congratulations, Mr. Romney. You, and your surrogates, managed to whip the fox viewing audience into an angry blood-thirsty mob of maniacs; problem is however, despite every indication to the contrary, they actually believed, up until the moment Ohio was called, that you were going to win in a landslide.

Congratulations, Mr. Trump. You proved that rich people can be just as stupid as anyone else; that money and class, are at least in your case, mutually exclusive of each other.

Congratulations America. You proved to the billionaire influence peddling citizens united against humanity, that We The People, can not be bought and will not be fooled by your trickery. The people, united, will never be defeated.