I listen to both sides

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I have long been perplexed by how in today’s political climate, one can truly be undecided on the most heated political issues of the day, and yesterday, I had a revelation.  So often, people claim “Well, I’m an independent, so I listed to both sides …” and there in lies the problem.

By way of example, in his speech this week at the Republican Convention Paul Ryan claimed that because of President Obama, the General Motors plant in Janesville Wisconsin closed.  The following morning, fact checkers pointed out that GM announced the plan to close that plant in June of 2008 and it actually closed in December of 2008.  Being and independent, and therefore listening to both sides, you are understandably confused.  If, the plant closed in December of 2008, before Barack Obama took office, it can’t really be blamed on President Obama, and yet, Paul Ryan’s a smart guy, so he wouldn’t say something that doesn’t make since, so you assume that you’ve obviously missed something.

Here is the revelation, you haven’t missed anything; Paul Ryan is lying.  He knowingly and willfully told a lie, simply in attempt to further his political ideology. Sure, in response Mr. Ryan pointed out that there was a skeleton crew remaining in the plant until April, moving out the equipment and closing down, but in all reality, the plant was closed, and since the plant was in Ryan’s district and Ryan himself requested federal intervention (from George Bush) to save the plant, he was clearly aware of the time line, but chose instead to lie. To claim that Ryan is technically correct since there were still a few workers in the plant until April is simply intellectually dishonest.

In 2008, Mitt Romney wrote an editorial in the New York Times, Let Detroit Go Bankrupt, and yet he now claims that he is responsible for saving Detroit.  Once again, either you missed something, or he’s lying.  Guess what, he’s lying.  No matter what scenario he comes up with to explain his point of view, its based on a lie and his explanation is at best, intellectually dishonest.

There are not two sides to the truth.  You can’t listen to both sides, when one side is constantly lying.

If Romney runs an ad saying that Barack Obama took 700 billion dollars out of Medicare to pay for Obama care, and Obama responds by pointing out that the 700 billion dollars was in fact waste, fraud, and abuse, and by the way, the Ryan Budget in fact takes 700 billion dollars out of Medicare, that’s not both sides running negative campaigns, that’s Obama responding to a blatant lie by Romney.

If you walk in your kitchen and your four year old has eaten all of the cookies from the cookie jar, and he insists that a band of marauding pirates came into the kitchen, ate the cookies, and left, you don’t refuse to take action because you can't decide what the truth is; you use your powers of deductive reasoning to assess the likely facts of the situation and you conclude that your four year old, though adorable and creative, is lying. 

If you won’t let your four year old get away with the big lie, don’t let the republicans get away with it either.  So if you’re an independent, so you listen to both sides, STOP IT,