It only takes one (1) idiot!

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A few weeks back, I was in church and the minister asked a new member to tell the congregation something about herself. The lady began by saying she was from Uganda and quite frankly, I couldn't tell you anything else she said. You see, the thing was, when she said Uganda, one and only one thing flashed in my mind, IDI AMIN. I'm sure there are lots of wonderful things one could say about Uganda, and I'm sure there are plenty of Ugandans who have made significant contributions to society as a whole, but the fact is, it been almost 30 years since Dada's fall from grace, and yet the only image that flashes in my mind, whenever any one says Uganda, is Idi Amin. My point therefore, is It only takes one (1) idiot!.

We in America are at an important stage in our history, for it would appear that our government is being led by such a singularly significant idiot as was just described above. Soon, if not already, around the world, whenever someone speaks of America, the only thought provoked will be GEORGE W. BUSH. Not because he is a great leader or because he's made the world a better place, but because HE IS AN IDIOT and is intent on making this fact evident to the entire world. Moreover, it's our own fault. We all know that he literally and underhandedly STOLE the 2000 election from Al Gore, but we all thought, in the back of our minds, "he's only one man, we magnificently have three co-equal branches of government in this country, so how much harm could he do?It's not like he's the Unitary Executive or something…", little did we know that for the next five and a half years, the legislative branch would cave like quicksand to his every whim and forget their responsibility to America, falling in step behind the head imbecile. Who knew that the likes of Tom Delay, Dennis Haster and Duke Cunningham would sell their souls to the devil himself, intoxicated with the unprecedented and morally uninhibited power gained by controlling both houses of congress?Perhaps we should have taken a clue in the beginning, when, for the first time in the history of these United States ofAmerica, the Supreme Court decided who would be Commander in Chief, clearly in contrast with the choice that most of the American people had expressed.

Hopefully though, the political tides are changing, and perhaps, the mid-term elections will deliver and majority to the Democratic Party, and maybe can get back on track. No matter what happens in the mid term elections in 2006, when you go to elect a new president in 2008, remember what I just told you, It only takes one (1) idiot!. Don't vote for a guy because he has the same name as his father, and you think that would be cute to have two presidents with the same name. Certainly don't vote for Jeb Bush (would the Republican Party be that stupid?) because his father and his brother were already president so … (whatever your reason for voting for Jeb Bush, it has to be stupid. HE'S AN IDIOT JUST LIKE HIS BROTHER. We exhausted that shallow gene pool long before George W; let's not fall for that again). Don't vote for Hilary Clinton, just because her husband was president, so you think letting his wife be president would be cool. Don't vote for a guy, just because he convinces you that he has a moral religious mandate from on high, because he doesn't think 'Gays' should be able to marry. (If you don't think 'gays' should get married, don't marry a 'gay'). Don't vote for anyone on any single issue political platform. Too much is at stake for you to fall for a hook and empower another idiot because he came up with a good sound byte.

Use your political franchise. Get out and vote, but know the issues. If you're too stupid, not just too lazy, to understand the issues yourself, get out and talk to well informed people and make an intelligent decision, and remember, if the person you're talking to sounds to you like an idiot, he just might be, and we can't afford another one, move on and talk to somebody else.