Now what?

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A remarkable thing happened back in November, 2008. America elected a Black president. Wonderful thing, though it was, it seems there was an entire faction of this great nation that was confident in the belief that something of this magnitude could never take place (insert stupid swine flu joke here) and were therefore outraged at the outcome of the election.  Rush Limbaugh, the de facto head of the Republican Party, immediately announced that he wanted Obama to fail, and quickly, the entirety of the GOP acquiesced.

Amazingly, the main stream media allowed these hate talkers to get away with saying anything, pretending that whatever the last insult was wasn't racist at all, because the most important thing, as Mitch McConnell said, was denying President Obama a second term.  The ends justify the means, so in that spirit, with a wink and a nod, nobody questioned any ridiculous thing they said, because supposedly, it would keep The Anointed One from being re-elected. The thing is however, a wink and a nod only go so far.  It seems you can't call 47% of Americans lazy, shiftless and undeserving while at the same time talking about legitimate rape and voucherizing Medicare and expect the remaining 53% of the people to vote for you. (Apparently, once alone in the voting booth, a significant number of those go along to get along — anybody but Obama sympathizers actually thought about Mitt Romney's proposed policies and said to themselves, “Yeah, Right!”).  So once again, in 2012, America elected a Black president, which begs the question, what now?

You see, you can no longer obstruct simply for the sake of saying you don't want to make the President look good; he's already won a second term, and therefore not eligible for a third term.  You can't continue to play make pretend every time you hear a stupid right wing talking point that you know doesn't make any since.  You can't be okay with the minority party filibustering on every single issue, and then pretend like you have no idea why the Senate hasn't produced a budget in four years. You can't pretend that you think it was a good idea that the house of representative refused to pass a Hurricane Sandy Relief package.  (Okay, they came back the next day and passed half of it; Close, but no sloppy cookie).

If you still need to be mad about something, be mad about the fact that they convinced you that your guy was going to win, even though they knew, from their own polling, he didn't stand a snow ball's chance in hell. In fact, the only reason the election was close at all, was that they kept telling you it was going to be close.  Yes, you've been hoodwinked by professional hoods and conned by the Constitution contorting cuckoos.

So I ask again, now what?  Are you going to continue to root against America, or are you going to demand that your party leadership, show a little leadership?  The future of the Republican Party, the future of America is in your hands.