Obama Lied

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  • God is love
  • Love is blind
  • Stevie Wonder must therefore, be God.

The above statements illustrate the danger of stringing together otherwise random facts, in order to draw a seemingly factual conclusion.  It takes the same type of disfunctional syllogism to arrive a the now popular assesment being recently forwarded about the Affordable Care Act

  • “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it…”
  • Insurance companies cancelled healthcare policies.
  • Obama lied.

First and foremost, no he didn’t. Yes, he said, “If you like you healthcare plan, you can keep it…” but the most important part of that statement was, If you like your healthcare plan therefore, if your plan won’t cover your pre-existing condition or has a yearly or lifetime cap or doesn’t cover maternity care, mental health services, prescription drugs, rehab after an accident or has a $15,000 yearly deductible, it would naturally follow, that would not be a policy that you like. If you are in the camp that thinks “well that’s what he should have said”, sorry, you’re wrong, because, written into the healthcare law, was a Grandfather clause, just so that the intellectually dishonest people possessing the afore mention policies and claiming “I like my healthcare just the way it is” could keep those policies, the caveat being, in order for insurance companies to continue offering those plans, said plans must remain unchanged. If the plan changed, then by definition, it’s no longer that plan you claim you liked, and all new policies must conform to the new law.

But even if you want to play let’s parse the sentence and retroactively determine the truth or falsity thereof, how do you get to Obama lied?  At best, if and only if, you subscribe to this loosely structured fallacy of equivocation, the best you can come up with is that Obama was wrong, or Obama didn't account for the abject greediness of existing healthcare providers, or Obama didn't tell me that if I have a crappy plan, I have to use my google machine and do a little research to find a better plan on the exchanges. Jumping  all the way to Obama lied is yet another extension of the unspoken Romeny-Ryan-McCain-Palin-TeaParty meme “In case you haven’t noticed, he’s Black”.  And just for the sake of you ultra left wing Obama haters, he didn’t cave either.  By allowing the insurance companies to continue selling for one more year, those non-compliant policies, the I like my health care liars are forced to put up or shut up, commit for another year to give your hard earned money to pirates, or break on through to the other side, shop on the exchange and find a compliant policy, most likely less expensive than the crappy policy you complained about.

And one more thing, Bill Clinton; not helping.  If recent comments by you and James Carville are in any way indicative of how you plan to garner for Hillary Clinton, the Black Vote, I say only, don’t count on it.