Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan?

Are you fucking shitting me?

As a candidate, people have problems taking you seriously because you've reversed yourself (sometimes within minutes) on every issue that's been presented. You need to convince women, and minorities and the elderly to vote for you.  You need a candidate that will enforce your strengths and counter your weaknesses.  Most of all, you don't want to make the same mistake John McCain made by choosing a little known entity that will prove to be an idiot and utterly make your campaign the punch line of political jokes for years to come.

Granted, there are no viable candidates that really want to be seen with you, let alone stand so close to you.  Only the cooks and crazies bothered to enter the Republican Presidential pool this year, so pickings were slim, but COME ON. Paul Ryan?

You need to convince women to vote for you, so you choose the guy who voted for a bill that would have allowed anyone involved to refuse to perform an abortion for any reason, even if the life of the woman needing the abortion was in danger. You choose the guy who wants to defund planned parenthood (oh wait, you have that in common)?

You need to convince the elderly to vote for you, so you chose the guy who authored the budget proposal that would end Medicare as we know it?

You need to encourage minority voters to come to your camp, so you chose the guy who's budget cut tens of billions from Medicaid and Medicare, and more than a trillion from everything from food stamps to welfare over the next decade?

The Paul Ryan pick does however enforce Grover Norquist's adage "Pick a Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen ..."

Paul Ryan? Can anyone take you seriously Mr. Romney, or is that the point.  Was this pick, in effect your secession speech? Is this your way of saying, "when you don't know what to do ... punt"?  That would seem to me to be the only scenario that makes sense.  I'm just saying.