Preaching to the Choir

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Does anyone really pay any attention to Fox who isn't already an Obama hating, gun toting, gay bashing, logic fearing, psycho?

Does anyone believe that the President was born in Kenya because they heard it on Fox News, or do they watch Fox News just to hear them say the President was born in Kenya?

Did Wayne LaPierre's absurd statement convince anyone who wasn't already a lunatic, that the solution to guns in schools is to put more guns in schools?

If the one word answer to these rhetorical questions is no, then the affore mentioned clowns are simply preaching to the choir, which begs the further question: shouldn’t the rest of us just be able to turn away, put out fingers in our ears and shout nanny nanny boo boo until they shut up, give up and go home?  Unfortunately, they won’t shut up.

When I was in grade school, there was always some kid acting out, being belligerent and disrupting the class. The teacher would say “Don't pay any attention to him, it will only encourage him.” What we need in America is a good old fashioned grade school teacher to monitor political discourse; a media monitor so to speak. Then, when Newt Gingrich says we should let poor children be janitors in schools, the media monitor could just whack him across the back of his head with a big ole ruler.

When Todd Akin starts spouting off about legitimate rape, the media monitor could make him stand in the corner for the rest of the day, and perhaps, just to give him a chance to enhance his views, she could send him to after study in the sex offender’s unit of the nearest state detention facility where he could discuss with the Bubba and the rest of the cell block, the technical , physical and philosophical differences between forcible rape, consensual rape and legitimate rape.

When James Yaeger rants that he’s going to start shooting people if the Obama Administration pursues civilian disarmament via executive order, perhaps the media monitor could have the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security pull Yeager’s Concealed Carry Permit... Hey wait, that’s exactly what happened. Was it the media monitor at work even before I made the proposal? Perhaps.