Put up or shut up?

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Just so we're clear, Harry Ried says a confidential source told him Mitt Romney didn't pay taxes for 10 years and Mitt Romney's response is Harry Reid needs to put up or shut up? First of all, that's not even what that means Mitt. You are the one being challenged, Mitt, so YOU need to put up or shut up. Secondly, what a typical Mitt Romney answer; to borrow a phrase from Earnest Lawrence Thayer, that's just haughty grandeur. It just extends Ann Romney's assertion, "We've given you people all you need to know." Given the pattern of response and disclosure we've received from this guy so far, this answer is almost expected. What is more amazing to me, is the right wing pundits, who make their money by showing the rest of us how smart they are, are following Mitt down this road to stupid. Even some on the left are saying "Harry shouldn't have said that, it could come back to haunt him." Hello, in order for Harry Ried to be proved wrong, Mitt has to show his taxes. Mitt is not going to show his taxes. John McCain saw 20 years of Mitt's taxes, and he chose Sarah Palin. Perhaps John McCain is Harry's secret source. I'm just saying.