Stop with the inboxing!

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This morning, I received a poorly formatted email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, similar too the text below. (I say similar, because it was so poorly formatted that I, as a programmer, could not justify posting such rubbish on my blog)

5OO,OOO Signatures Needed (click to add your name automatically)

282,718 people and counting have signed the petition demanding Boehner take impeaching President Obama off the table. Boehner is leaving his option to impeach the President open — and the Tea Party is demanding he follow through. That’s why we need you to step up immediately to help us reach 5OO,OOO demanding impeachment is taken off the table — NOW.

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Bottom line: President Obama’s impeachment could eventually be a reality if we don't step up in a BIG way. The only way we can force Boehner to squash this impeachment talk is with grassroots pressure.

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Speaker Boehner and the Tea Party House of Representatives voted to waste YOUR taxpayer money on a lawsuit against the President. These are the same extremists that have been talking for months about impeaching the President. For what? No one knows. And now they're suing the President. This is nothing more than a political sideshow to rile up the Tea Party base in an election year. Speaker Boehner and the House need to understand that the American people do not support these political games.

Okay, couple things:

  • Stop with the inboxing. I count 17 emails in by inbox from in the last week (well, mostly in my spam folder, which means basically, I'm ignoring you), simply because in response to Joe Wilson screaming "You Lie" during a presidential address to congress, I made a small contribution to the committee. Seventeen emails from and countless others from, actblue and an infinite assortment of other fundraising organizations would only tend to make most people regret making the initial donation (although, it just makes me adjust my junkmail filter).
  • When Boehner announced his lawsuit against president Obama, progressive pundits labeled the lawsuit a political ploy, simply to be able to campaign on the impeachment of the president.  It appears to me that you guys are doing the exact same thing.
  • Most of all, this campaign is as disingenuous as the campaign impeach the president.  Both campaigns fail to emphasize that unless President Obama bugs the offices of his political opponents, or admits to having initiated NSA wiretaps without approval from the FISA courts, or authorizes the torture of Prisoners of War, or "outs" an undercover CIA agent because her husband pens an op-ed in the New York Times, or some clearly identifiable high crime or misdemeanor, removal of the President from office is simply not possible.  You see, unfortunately, a significant number of people mistakenly think that impeachment is removal from office, impeachment is more accurately the formal bringing of charges.  Removal from office requires conviction on those charges and requires a 2/3 vote of the senate.  No matter what Ted Cruz tells you, that ain't gonna happen.
  • Ultimately, this yeah-impeachment-what-he-said/both-sides-do-it logic could end up backfiring on the DCCC, because the republicans are marketing to the informationally challenged, ignore the facts, running aimlessly with scissors crowd, who believe that once Obama is impeached, he's out of office, so if the Republicans hold on to the House and are able to impeach, when the Senate fails to convict, it will just feed into thier Lawlessness of Obama, "I want my country back", Poor Poor Pitiful Me conspiracies.

I'm just saying.