The Undecided

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The pollsters and the talking heads, have long ago decided that the only voters they should pay attention to, are those that declare themselves to be undecided.  It has always been a mystery to me, how, in this political climate, when the candidates are virtually polar opposites, one can in this late stage of the game be undecided about which candidate to vote for, but recently, I've had an epiphany.

The Republican Party, since the advent of the Southern Strategy, has been able to convince millions upon millions of voters to vote against their own interest, in order to keep the other down.  This is why they feel confident waging  war on women's rights, passing "Papers Please" laws in Arizona, outlawing public unions in Wisconsin, and targeting programs like the EPA and Planned Parenthood, and how they get Log Cabin Republicans to sign on to anti-gay rights legislation. What occurs to me, is those undecided voters, are those who have historically and consistently voted republican, but now realize they just can't do it again.  You see, the republican party has now moved so far to the right that it necessarily forces the average voter to ignore some portion of his or her core values in order to toe the party line. The undecided are tired of closing their eyes and playing make pretend and acting as if everything will be all right, as long as we can keep them from taking over.  The undecided realize that even if they don't agree with many of president Obama's policies, Mitt Romney is not the answer.

If you are still undecided, and you're a republican, let me make it simple.  You're undecided because you don't trust Mitt Romney.  Furthermore, Romney has done nothing to earn your trust.  You simply can not vote for someone you can not trust.  Decide now, vote for President Obama.