We Lose

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No matter what the outcome of tomorrow night’s debate, it has become apparent that the ultimate losers are We, the People. It is evident, that the collective cohorts of the media have decided, that no matter what the true issues are in this campaign, what they, the media, are most concerned with is that We, the People, keep watching, it, the campaign coverage.   Consequently, instead of legitimate discourse about the content of the first debate, they, the media, focus on how the President was looking down and taking notes while Romney looked surprisingly strong, and the analysis of the vice presidential debate is that Joe Biden was mean and rude and at the same time, smiled to much, while Ryan was the obvious loser because he kept gulping water.

Come on!

Harry Reasoner and Walter Cronkite must no doubt be rolling over in their respective graves at the piss poor performance of the heirs of their legacies. They, the media have the responsibility to present to We, The People, the pertinent facts in an unbiased manner, and no, unbiased does not mean pretend like you don’t know what he just said was a lie, when you do know that you have tape of him saying something completely different last week.

So what can We, the People do? We must insist that they, the media, cease and desist from continuing to underestimate, undervalue and marginalize us. Tell them, the media, that we will no longer accept this dumbing down of the public by tailoring coverage for the braindead, the gullible and the stupid. If you should get a call from a pollster, asking you who you think won the last debate, who you plan to vote for or which candidate was wearing the better tie, give only a two word answer.  Yo Mama.

If we, the people, refuse to play their reindeer games, eventually, they’ll be forced to retool and at some point, perhaps they’ll get back to good old fashioned reporting.