What Have We Learned?

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So, after 17 months and 23 debates (19 republican primary debates, 3 presidential debates and 1 vice-presidential debate) what have we learned?

  • From the 19 republican debates: Absolutely nothing except that
    • Any serious republican candidate refused to enter the contest, either because the field was littered with lunatics or because no sane candidate could envision beating a popular democratic president who had accomplished remarkable feats in spite of a do-nothing congress.
    • Every candidate, though they all started on the extreme right anyway, consistently tried to move further to the ideological right, in order to appease the angry, the uninformed and the perpetually stupid, or in other words, the Fox News viewing audience.
    • Though they agreed on nothing else, with one exception, all candidates agreed that Mitt Romney was the absolute worse candidate the party could endorse.
  • From the First Presidential Debate
    • If you lie convincingly and boisterously enough, so well in fact that you catch your opponent off guard and he looks thrown aback by the magnitude and volume of your lies, the Liberal Press will declare you the winner and abandon their own candidate, assumedly because they think didn't he looked Presidential. (So to be clear, you impeached Bill Clinton for lying badly, but you're fine with elevating Mitt Romney to the office of the President for lying well. )
    • If you lie convincingly and boisterously enough, so well in fact that you catch your opponent off guard and he looks thrown aback by the magnitude and volume of your lies, the conservative, right-wing press, will hail you as the Messiah, not surprisingly, because that is  what they do.  They stand behind their candidate, no matter what.  In fact, if you stink up the place and fall flat on your face, the right wing press will still declare you the winner, because that's what the do.
    • Mitt Romney wants to balance the Federal Budget by, get this, lowering taxes, across the board, by 20%.
    • In case, the previous bullet point seemed mathematically impossible to you, don't worry. He'll offset the obvious decrease in revenue by eliminating tax deductions and , since he likes to fire people, he's going to fire Big Bird.
    • If the math still doesn't seem to you to add up, see the Make Pretend post on this blog.
  • From the Vice Presidential Debate
    • Joe Biden looked like he was schooling his arrogant  nephew on life in the real world and how the adults play politics.
    • Paul Ryan showed America that not only, is he not the right man to be second-in-charge of the Greatest Nation on earth, but he probably didn't even write that budget he's given so much credit for.  It was most likely written by ALEC or Grover Norquist or some Koch Brothers sponsored conglomerate thereof.
  • From the Second Presidential Debate
    • Mitt Romney, when he was Governor of Massachusetts, had binders full of women, and that Mitt Romney has an enormous amount of respect for women, as long as they stay in their binders.
    • Candy Crawley emerged as the ONLY true moderator in this debate season, calling to Mitt Romney's attention, the actual facts concerning one of his many misleading transgressions.
  • From the Third and Final Presidential debate of  2012
    • Mitt Romney apparently thinks defense spending  is alot like battleship.
    • Mitt Romney says he would have handled most matters exactly as the President did, except, he would have done it some how different, and therefore, better.
    • Obama to Romney: "The 80's called, they want their foreign policy back."  Hey Costanza, he Jerk Stored him!

All in all, the debates were pretty much a waste of everyone's time.  What is  however most disturbing is that no matter how little information was imparted, no matter how many lies were told, no matter how boring, lackluster or pathetic any event was in actuality, the talking heads, in unison, feigned fascination at the ongoing antics, claiming this, all along, to be the most exciting political contest of all time.

In short, the fourth estate, the only profession directly addressed in the Bill of Rights, has failed us.  The question therefore remains, when the free press no longer serves the interest of We, the People, what recourse do We, the People have?