Why Can't They Let Go?

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Why is it, that from the ultra right, we keep hearing the same overworked, dis-proven, disreputable talking points over and over and over again?

Why can't they let go of Benghazi?
In the waning hours of September 11, 2012, in the aftermath of the tragic embassy attack in Benghazi, Mit Romney, held a brief press conference announcing the tragedy and blaming the President, almost smiling in the process.  It was evident to Mit, that this was the nail in Obama's coffin, his Waterloo, the end of his presidency.  Despite the fact that this scandal turned out not to be a scandal, the Romney campaign and the republican party ignored the facts and any enlightening information for the next month, culminating in Mit Romney's epic fail during the presidential debate on October 16th.  There in lies the problem.  The Romney campaign, the Republican Party thought that this issue was for them a winner, but Romney fumbled the ball.  They believe that if Romney had handled that singular moment correctly, the outcome of the election would have been different.  That's why they won't let go.  They think that somehow, if they can get that moment back, if they can frame the argument correctly, the entire voting populace will insist we all jump into the wayback machine and undo our Obama votes, declaring Romney the winner.  The problem though, is that no matter how they phrase the argument, no matter how many times they bring it back, there's just no there there.  The entire scandal consists of their insistence that the President said the attack was because of the video, and didn't say terror enough times. Come on people, let it go.

Why can't they let go of repeal and replace?
On March 23rd, 2010, President Obama signed into law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and yes, Joe Biden, that was a big fucking deal.  Even before the bill was actually signed, John Boehner and the republican party started the meme, Repeal and Replace.  From the beginning, they admitted that they had no plan to replace, we should just repeal the law, and start over.  In the four years since the act passed, the house has voted 54 times repeal undo or modify the law.  Bill after bill after bill they keep voting to change the law, knowing that it will never pass the senate, and even if it did, the President is not going to sign legislation repealing his most significant accomplishment.  Now that the law has gone into effect, they have a new set of lies, implying that most of the people who have signed up for Obamacare have not paid their premiums.  Though that is an outright lie, understand this:  No matter how bad the initial roll out was, no matter what problems there were with the website, no matter how many people do not pay their premiums, the act is now law. for better or for worse.  If the law fails, America fails, so you need necessarily get behind it.

Why can't they let go of "Stand Your Ground" laws?
ALEC's gift to America that keeps on giving.  Originally drafted by ALEC and first passed in Florida in 2005, 23 states now have these laws that remove common sense and personal responsibility from self-defense laws, allowing people to shoot first and ask questions later, simply because one thinks ones life is in danger... wait, you can't ask questions later, you just killed the subject in question, so I guess its more appropriately termed shoot first, let god sort them out.

Why can't they let go of George Zimmerman?
On the night of February 26, 2012, George Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old high school student. Because of the aforementioned Stand Your Ground laws,  Zimmerman was not arrested at the scene and only arrested six weeks later after a special prosecutor was appointed by the governor.  Zimmerman claimed to have stood his ground, with his weapon, against an unarmed assailant, and to the disbelief of all who believe in justice, was found not guilty.  Subsequent to his acquittal, Zimmerman has repeatedly had run ins with the police including domestic disturbances with his wife and later his girlfriend, showing him to be the scum that John Guy and Richard Mantei said he was.  Despite the Trayyvon Martin trial, despite his subsequent arrests, despite his continued attempts to capitalize on the murder of an innocent child, some people still feel the need to defend Zimmerman.  Come on people, how many more times does this loser have to run afoul of the law until the rest of the state of Florida gets a clue.  Give it up.

Why can't they let go of Ronald Regan?
When I was an adolescent, I went to work one day with my father.  In an office building, just a few blocks from The White House, I stood at the window of Dad's office, and looked down at the police arresting a vagrant.  I remember asking my father, why the cops were picking on that man, an my father replied, "Because he has no visible means of support."  He further explained, that people have a responsibility to be productive members of society, and that a man sleeping on a bench in front of the Little Tavern at 9:15 in the morning, does not likely have a job to go to or a place to live and therefore is not contributing to society; he did not appear to have any means to support himself.  That, at the time, was an offense that would land you in jail.  A few short years later Ronald Wilson Regan was elected president of these United States, and one of his early acts was to redefine the way we care for the mentally ill, and to release a large percentage of the inhabitants of St. Elizabeth's Hospital.  Many of these newly release subjects, could not find jobs, had no family in the area and began living on the streets (with no visible means of support, but the powers that be, stopped arresting people for that).

That's what I remember of Ronald Regan. He freed government institutions of the huddle masses and the wretched of the earth, forcing them to live on the streets, creating a completely new class of people, the homeless. It was Reaganomics that cut the top tax rate from 70% to 28%, re-empowering the class of Robber Barons, but part of the theory of Reaganomics was that when the people at the top did well, that wealth would trickle down to the people on the bottom.  Those poor souls living on the streets and sleeping in the parks are still waiting for the trickle down effect to take effect. It was Ronald Regan who broke the Professional Air Traffic Controller's union, once again, forcing those men out on the streets. They were for the most part, more employable than the aforementioned St. Elizabeth's evictees, but most of them never found work at salaries comparable to the jobs they lost; I knew one former Air Traffic controller who took a job driving a delivery van for the retail store where I was employed.

Amazingly however, in the years since Regan left office, right-wing think tanks like the Heritage Foundation have sought to rewrite history, somehow duping America into thinking that Regan was the best thing since sliced bread.  It's time for those of us who survived the Regan administration to stop listening to this fabricated Regan lore.  Regan was not a great president.  Regan was a "B" movie actor who sold arms to terrorist in Central America, cut medicare, food stamps and aid to families with dependent children, tippled the national debt, ignored the AIDS crisis and blamed trees for emitting 93 percent of the nation's nitrogen oxide pollution.

Why can't they let go of the I.R.S.'scandal'?
Because really, it doesn't rise to the level of scandal.  What had happened was, because of the Citizens United decision, the number of groups applying for 501(c)(4) status increased dramatically.  The employees decided they needed a way to more closely scrutinize, which of these applicants were primarily political in nature, so the chose to focus on groups with things like "Tea Party","Progressive" and "Blue" in their names.  To the IRS conspiracists, it does not matter that only one group was denied status and that group was a progressive group.  It doesn't matter that closer scrutiny constituted being asked a few more questions.  It doesn't matter that a mid level civil servant, has been forced to, at personal cost, hire attorneys to defend herself against these unfounded charges.  The bottom line, is that everybody hates the IRS, to the conspiracy cooks can cry wolf for as long as the want to, stupid people believing that perhaps, in the end, the I.R.S. will be dismantled in total.  Ain't gonna happen.  No matter what, you are still going to have to pay your taxes, and those poor, poor, pitiful, scrutinized Tea Party Poo Poo groups need to pay their taxes too.  No scandal, no harm, no foul.

Perhaps, if they could just learn to let go, we as a country could move on and concentrate on things that matter; but the won't. In 1998, two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, frustrated with the focus on the Monica Lewinsky/Impeach Clinton crisis, launched an online petition to "Censure President Clinton and Move On to Pressing Issues Facing the Nation" which eventually became MoveOn.org.  Perhaps someone should start a new website called  WillYouPleaseJustLetGo.Org.  Nah.  Too many letters.