The Worm

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Dennis Rodman thinks he should get the Nobel Peace Prize. Really? Come on dude, all you did was play basketball with crazy dictator junior. If bumping uglies with the wretched of the earth qualified for a nobel prize, Heidi Fleiss, Xaviera Hollander and Hugh Heffner would all be prize recipients. More succinctly, Mr. Rodman, Nobel Peace Prizes are generally given for selfless acts, so your diplomatic mission of self promotion necessarily disqualifies you.  Maybe if you had talked to your new BFF about easing up on the human rights violations or if you could even get him to stop threatening his neighbors, pointing his missiles all around the region, then maybe there could be a discussion about your stellar statesman status.  Even if you could just get him, (Kim) to work and play well with others, but then, you were never accused of that when you were playing basketball, now were you.  Perhaps if someone had asked you to travel to a foreign land and make nice with an up-and-coming tyrant, your name might be in consideration, but instead, I think I speak for all mankind, in saying WTF?   Nobel Prize -- NO!, Cracker Jack Prize, maybe.